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Welcome to Ciro's Tavern

In 1893 the Mee family, proprietors of a bottling company fulfilling bourbon and Ales for New York distilleries set forth to expand their business going into retail. Building a four-story building containing a retail liquor store on the first floor, the second floor a home for family members who managed the store, and the third and fourth floors to accommodate immigrants coming into America for new opportunities. Business thrived until prohibition forcing closure and property changing hands until post-prohibition where the store turned into a bar by a local Irish politician calling it Uncle’s Café. The upper levels became rundown and the boarding rooms became a brothel. It wasn’t until a new entrepreneur Evo “Curly” Donnini & his wife Martha took over in 1962 with a vision to build a highend food & wine establishment using King Henry VIII Palace of Hampton Court for its Tudor style as its inspiration with a budget of over one-million dollars to rehab the building in its entirety, now receiving architectural design awards for its design.

The second floor was designed after the palaces Great Hall & Camelot Dining Room, the first floor was split into two rooms, the Tudor Room for private dining and Ciro’s Tavern, a bar named after Curly’s dad. The basement hosted a prestigious VIP Wine Cellar featuring a collection of the best vintage wines starting from 1929 and would entertain guests for private dining.

With some hard work, time, loyal customers & dedicated staff, the Savini/Moylan Family have been dedicated to revitalizing the great legend of Hampton Court and its Tavern. We have sought to preserve the historic charm of our establishment while at the same time bringing our customers comfort foods and a charming dining experience whether you dine in the Tavern, Hampton Court, or the Outdoor Courtyard Patio & Bar.